Glamorous jewellery chains
made by Louis Fiessler

Louis Fiessler was fascinated by the centuries-old technique
of chain making. So he started to enhance it by means of the
technological possibilities provided by the industrial progress
of those times. Beginning with the manufacturing of functional
pocket watch chains, he later replenished his unrivalled
portfolio with enchanting creations, a portfolio which in terms
of perfection and harmony is second to none worldwide till
this day: glamorous jewellery chains made by Louis Fiessler.

Today only very few master craftsmen – working exclusively on
the European Continent – have the skills for this unsurpassed
mastery of exquisite techniques belonging to the most sophisticated
manual procedures manufacturing chains with gold,
platinum and diamonds at this outstanding quality level.

Some of the best of these craftsmen work for Louis Fiessler &
Co. They maintain this 150 years old tradition, and on
this they draw and create new, charming and unique ideas.

Only by doing so, Louis Fiessler is able to achieve a quality and
level of manufacture, which gives birth to such high quality
aesthetically balanced pieces of jewellery adorning and
caressing the skin.