Masterpieces in the art of jewellery
High-quality jewellery manufacture –
a history of over 150 years

Contrary to all fast moving trends the goldsmiths of Louis Fiessler
create finest jewels in the sense of a philosophy of stable values
since more than 150 years.

Louis Fiessler, a goldsmith and creator of finest jewellery, founded
the jewellery chain manufacture Louis Fiessler & Co. in 1857
together with a small group of like-minded idealists. Currently
well-known as a specialist for gold chains, Louis Fiessler today
presents extended collections, which apart from necklaces and
bracelets provide also earrings and rings, at the highest quality
level at all times.

The extraordinary models, made of finest platinum and gold alloys,
up to the present day reflect the immeasurably precious capability
developed by the manufacture over years and generations. The
workmanship and manual skills had the chance to be more and
more refined and cultivated during the colorful and eventful
timeframe of 150 years.